What is a Troverlo Observation Endpoint (OE)?

Observation endpoints create observations of Assets for Troverlo's platform

The Troverlo Tag mimics an Access Point (AP), but the tag does NOT connect with other devices – the tag can be physical or virtual and is observed by a client device using the standards-based Wi-Fi discovery process.

The client device or Observation Endpoint (OE) creates an observation when it discovers a Troverlo Tag associated with an Asset. The observation is based on the location of the OE and the Wi-Fi data of the Troverlo Tag (appearing as a Wi-Fi access point).

The observation data can be sent via an HTTPS Post or an MQTT client (Roadmap) to the Troverlo platform.

  • POST API uses a JSON structure to send observations in bulk.
  • MQTT client can be used to stream observations.

Types of OE

  • Troverlo Mobile App
  • Troverlo Tag Reader
  • Troverlo Autonomo
  • Global Observation Network (GON) partner (3rd party data)