Troverlo Mobile Tag Reader Overview

Troverlo's Mobile Tag Reader is used on a vehicle or other mobile asset and provides tracking for the asset it is attached to as well as any other Troverlo tags nearby.

Today, Troverlo is manufacturing a mobile tag reader for our customers. However, if the available reader does not meet your use case please reach out to to work on a custom solution. In addition, customers and developers can develop their own readers or configure existing telematic or Wi-Fi solutions to collect Troverlo tag data.

Troverlo Mobile Tag Reader



The Troverlo Tag Reader enables any powered vehicle, equipment, or structure to be tracked and read Troverlo tags from up to 100s of meters away. This reader requires no configuration to begin providing tracker data, it just needs power and a clear view of the sky. By leveraging LTE-m connectivity paired with GPS, this mobile reader can be tracked as it collects Troverlo tag data.

Dimensions (casing without cable)  Length: 112 mm Width: 60 mm Height: 27 mm 
Weight  2oz 
Casing  Polycase ASA material 
Power Source  Host Powered w battery backup 
Power Spec  5v DC input 
Connection Types 

Data - LTE-m via SIM

Power - micro-USB male to 2.0 USB male

DC2DC converter - can alternatively use a micro-USB male to a pigtail to allow connecting to ignition systems (5-15v DC)

Antenna - 3-way Antenna (GPS/LTE-m/WiFi)

IoT Sensor Compatibility?  No