Setting up the Troverlo Static Tag Reader (TTR-SHr1)

The Troverlo Static Tag Reader is used to provide high frequency coverage of static locations like equipment yards, warehouses, or buildings.

Reader Setup


The Troverlo Static Tag Reader detects nearby Troverlo tags and provides observation data back to the Troverlo Cloud via LTE-m utilizing configuration via the Troverlo Portal for the location of the reader.


Below are the steps for setting up the reader for the first time:

  1. Determine a location to place the reader where you want to observe when Troverlo Tags are nearby.
  2. Before mounting the Troverlo Static Tag Reader, make sure the reader can connect to an LTE-m network.
  3. Connect the antenna cables to the LTE (4G) and Wi-Fi (2.4G) ports on the reader as follows (reader-oriented with the LED light on top):

    1. LTE-m connection = far right port
    2. Wi-Fi connection = far left port
  4. Power the reader through the USB cable
  5. If you have a problem with drivers (we have not seen any on Win10), here is a helpful link
  6. Once the power and antenna are connected, it will start with a Red LED as it initializes. After about 30-45 seconds it will connect to an LTE-m network and the LED will turn Blue. If it doesn't turn blue, move the Antenna closer to a location that can access the sky. Then attach the antenna and run the cables to the location where the reader itself will be placed to get power.
  7. Check the status of the reader using the LED light in the Troverlo logo. Below are the meanings of each status color.


    Red: No LTE connection



    Blue: LTE-m connection is established


  8. In the Troverlo Web Portal or Troverlo Mobile App create the reader as an asset - learn more about how to do this here.
  9. Finally, you need to manually set the reader's location (the latitude/longitude) of its installed position. You can determine the latitude/longitude by placing a pin on Google maps or right-clicking on Google maps for the position of the reader.
    1. Once you have the latitude/longitude, go to the Troverlo Web Portal and find Asset Management > Reader Config on the left menu.


    2. Select Create new reader config on the top left corner. Then select your reader Tag ID (ie MAC address) from the drop-down list under Tag ID, enter the Latitude/Longitude, and a short description. Once you click Save, all future observations from that reader will have the static latitude/longitude configured.