Setting up the Troverlo Mobile Tag Reader (TTR-MHr1)

Troverlo Mobile Tag Readers are installed on vehicles or other mobile assets to provide tracking of the vehicle itself as well as all nearby Troverlo tags.

Reader Setup

The Troverlo Mobile Tag Reader detects nearby Troverlo tags and provides observation data back to the Troverlo Cloud via LTE-m utilizing GPS to provide the real-time location of the reader.


Below are the steps for setting up the reader for the first time:

  1. Determine a location to place the reader where you want to observe when Troverlo Tags are nearby. This could be a building, vehicle, or other objects/assets.
  2. Before mounting the Troverlo Mobile Tag Reader, make sure the antenna will be able to have a clear view of the sky, this is important for GPS visibility.
  3. Attach the antenna in a location that has a clear view of the sky and run the cables to the location where the reader itself will be placed.
  4. Connect the antenna cables to the reader as follows (reader-oriented with the LED light on top):
    1. GPS connection = left and lower port
    2. LTE-m connection = middle port
    3. Wi-Fi connection = far right port
    4. NOTE: the connectors on the Antenna are labeled
  5. If you have a problem with drivers (we have not seen any on Win10), here is a helpful link:
  6. Power the reader through a USB or DC-to-DC converter, you will designate which when ordering.
  7. Check the status of the reader using the LED light in the Troverlo logo. Below are the meanings of each status color:

    3_green_setting-up-the-troverlo-mobile-tag-reader Green: LTE and GPS are both connected
    4_red_setting-up-the-troverlo-mobile-tag-reader Red: No GPS or LTE Connection
    5_blue_setting-up-the-troverlo-mobile-tag-reader Blue: LTE is connected, but GPS is not connected
    6_yellow_setting-up-the-troverlo-mobile-tag-reader Greenish Yellow: GPS is connected, but LTE is not connected