Internal Server Error on the Troverlo Portal (Internal)

Instructions on how to troubleshoot if an Internal Server Error is received while using the Troverlo Portal

If you receive an internal server error message, generally it is a cookie problem.

This is how you clear your cookies:

  1. Clears cookies for the current tab
    Browser Windows MacOS
    Chrome Ctrl+Shift+R Cmd+Shift+R
    Firefox Ctrl+Shift+Del Cmd+Shift+Del
    Edge Ctrl+Shift+Del Cmd+Shift+Del
  2. Open a new incognito window, with cleared cookies and cache for that browser window
    Browser Windows MacOS
    Chrome Ctrl+Shift+N Cmd+Shift+N
    Firefox Ctrl+Shift+P Cmd+Shift+P
    Edge Ctrl+Shift+N Ctrl+Shift+N
  3. Open browser settings, clear cache and temporary files. (NOTE: This clears cache and temporary files for the entire browser)