How to use the Troverlo Mobile App (iOS/Android)

Find, create, or edit Assets


Creating Assets

1. Go to the Assets section of the app and select Add Asset


2. Enter key details about the Asset (use a unique Asset name), required fields have a "*" next to them


3. Next step requires the entry of the Tag ID, this is the MAC address or BSSID of the tag. You can get this 3 diff ways:


  • Scan the tag’s QR code.
    • All the required information is contained in the QR code.
    • 4_how-to-use-the-troverlo-app
  • Type in the tag's Tag ID.
    • Please enter 48:06:2B:xx:yy:zz where xx:yy:zz are listed as the Tag DI on the sticker on the back of the tag.
  • Select the "Listen for Tags" (Android App only).
    • Please select a network with a Troverlo SSID and the BSSID where the last 6 characters match the Tag ID on the sticker on the back of the tag.

4. Once the Tag ID entered please select Continue to Next Step

5. You can optionally enter a picture (or pictures) of the Asset and a description.

Select Add photos and "first time" give the app permissions to use the camera

5. Click on "Save and Finish" and the tag will be associated to the new Asset

Finding Assets

1. Go to the Observe section of the app and select or search for the Asset desired.5_how-to-use-the-troverlo-app

2. View asset location in Tag Details. Select the map to zoom and switch to a satellite view